Experimental theater deeply focused on the human
Il Mutamento
is a professional theatre production company from Turin founded in 1998 by playwright and director Giordano Amato. Operating as a nonprofit cultural association, we have presented over 40 productions featuring numerous young actors and independent theatre-makers from all over Italy and abroad.

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In Italian our style is usually called teatro di ricerca, or di innovazione. We try to tell our stories in unconventional ways. They are often dream-like, going deep into the psychological and social aspects of subjects like spirituality and vulnerabilities.

Calendario eventi manifestazioni mutamento


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Our activities span from a trademark initiative, the ISAO Festival, to a new project with highly innovative format addressed to the youth, Up2You. We also offer several learning opportunities both for artists and the wider community.


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Il Mutamento, global culture association, operates for over twenty years in the context of experimental theater, youth theater, as well as social and community theater. Our plays are on tour in both Italian and foreign seasons, events and festivals.

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Inspirations | Artistic Core | Style

We are very proud to partner with world-class artists, inviting internationally acclaimed professionals to perform their work to our audiences. As made clear in our name, for us culture knows no borders and thrives on global exchange.

Alejandro Jodorowsky
Sotigui Kouyaté
Jean Claude Carrière
Fernando Arrabal


We are placed within a picturesque, unique theater located inside Turin’s first cemetery. Two steps away from the city center, San Pietro in Vincoli is a monumental complex built around an inspiring desacralised chapel redesigned into a theatrical space. Inside the venue there are also catacombs, porticoes, office spaces, a garden and a large grassy courtyard.


Cimitero San Pietro in Vincoli Zona Teatro

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