Most of our 40+ productions feature the house star Eliana Cantone, but we also warmly embrace young, rising artists and theatre companies. One of the main references of our work is poor theatre, the performance style concentrated on an actor with minimum scenography, which in our case is often manifested in intense monologues or duets.

In our works we often tackle spirituality in the widest sense of the word. We are also committed to the exploration of psychological and social vulnerabilities, and to the empowerment of vulnerable subjects. For example, Del mondo che amo confronts the Italian audience with the character of a Chilean immigrant and a mother to an autistic son.

The stories we tell are often dream-like, transmitted through impressions, poetry, choral actions and actors’ movements. We have often driven inspirations from Oriental traditions and from the psychomagic.

Adamo ed Etica
Francesco il lupo e il principe Siddhartha
La favola di un altra giovinezza
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